New Integration: Elevate your HubSpot Chatflows with Clearout

HubSpot Chatflows, renowned for its exceptional ability to generate personalized chatbots, currently faces an unresolved challenge. 

The chatbots inadvertently permit incorrect, fraudulent, and invalid email addresses, resulting in a gradual decline in the customer database quality.

However, there is no need to worry! 

Clearout presents the ultimate remedy - An exclusive real-time Email Verifier designed to seamlessly integrate with HubSpot Chatbots

This innovative solution effortlessly eradicates real-time occurrences of typos, invalid entries, and fraudulent email addresses.

Learn More to experience the transformative power of Clearout.

Exciting Updates to's JavaScript Widget!

1. Suggested Email: Our improved JavaScript Widget now offers suggested emails to prevent loss of customers due to typos. Seamlessly enhance user experience and capture valuable leads. 

2. Suppress Built-in Error Messages: Customize the form validation by suppressing the built-in error messages when integrating Clearout's JavaScript Widget. Set 'suppress_form_builtin_error_message_selector' option to suppress the form's build-in error message by specifying the valid jQuery selector of the form's built-in error message element.

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Clearout Now Integrates With Jotform!

Successful marketing and sales revolve around how accurate your data is.
With the Clearout+Jotform integration live now, you no longer need to worry about bad data entering your system.

Here’s what the integration does for you: 

🚫 Eliminates bad leads from getting into your database
💰Cuts down the cost of storing & approaching bad leads
✅ Improves your sales & marketing campaign performance & ROI

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Allowlist Feature in Clearout WordPress Plugin

We are excited to announce the addition of a new 'Allowlist' feature to the Clearout WordPress Plugin. Users can now select which pages/forms URLs they want to perform email verification on, giving them more control and flexibility over the email verification process.

To activate this feature, Go to the Clearout WordPress Plugin settings and enter the required URLs in the "Add Form Page URL" option. You can then specify the page URLs where email verification should take place.

Try now.

We hope that this new feature will help you manage your email verification process and keep your forms/website running smoothly. Thank you for using Clearout!

Clearout WordPress Plugin + Forminator Forms

We've worked hard to ensure that our product provides you with the most comprehensive and dependable email validation platform on the market.

Saying that, Clearout now supports Forminator forms with WordPress plugin as well as with JS widget! This means that your forms will now convert better than ever.

Detect and reject erroneous email addresses at the point of capture with a few simple integration steps!

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Clearout Is Now HubSpot's Only Certified Partner App for Email Validation.

Clearout has joined forces with HubSpot professionals to ensure that users get the most out of their email marketing strategy. This Certified integration exhibits a track record of product quality and customer satisfaction. 

Ways in which the Clearout x HubSpot integration can benefit users:

  1. Simple integration with ALL HubSpot forms, enabling real-time email validation and ensuring that ONLY valid email addresses reach the database. 
  2. Fast and highly accurate bulk email validation that removes all bad emails from CRM.
  3. Using email addresses labeled 'Guaranteed Deliverables' and 'Safe to Send' can reduce bounce rates to less than 3%.

Learn more about the integration here.

You can now Cancel your Bulk Verification or Finding

Clearout introduces Canceling the list under email verification or email finding. The Cancel can be initiated both from the Clearout APP and the API. Rest-assured, the already progressed verification or finding can be downloaded as always.

The inputs that have not been processed will be marked as Unknown with 'Request Cancelled' as the reason. You can try it from here.

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