Free Guide For An Effective Cold Email Outreach

Cold email is like a dart thrown in the dark. Sometimes it might hit and sometimes not.

However, it is important to make sure that you throw the dart in the right manner in order to maximize your chances of hitting the bull’s eye.

Here is a complete guide on ways to boost your cold email outreach.

Bonus: It comes with multiple cold email marketing templates😁

Stronger Passwords For Safer Accounts

With the increased adoption of new technology, the risks of cyber threats have multiplied.

One of the most common ways that hackers break into online accounts is by guessing passwords. Simple and commonly used passwords enable intruders to easily gain access and take control over your accounts.

To avoid the same we have introduced stronger passwords as an additional security measure. We request all the Clearouters to update their current password to a stronger and unique one and avoid any unwanted intrusions.

You can update it either using forgot password or change password.

A More Refined Team-Building

The 'Admin' panel is now available as a separate tab in your Clearout account for better management of teams and members. The owner can assign the role of 'manager' or 'executive' to the team members, monitor their actions and edit them from a polished dashboard.

Try the improved Admin panel.

Knock Knock! Your verified results are ready👌

Constantly staring at your system to see that the result file generation is completed? You don’t have to as the system now automatically determines if the result file will take longer time and notifies you through email when the result is ready to download.

Way to be more productive 😊 

Data Privacy Is Super Important. We Are Pleased to Inform Our 100% Compliance With the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

We are pleased to announce our 100% compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations

As per the recent GDPR update, data from companies based on the EU should not go outside their region. 

To abide by this law our team has made arrangements wherein any data belonging to individuals/companies of the EU region will be securely transmitted, processed within Frankfurt, Germany data center only without letting any data outside of Europe.

Read to know the steps taken by us.

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