Put a Stop To Gibberish Email Addresses On All Forms & Web Pages.

Have you ever worried about how to stop random, useless, gibberish leads from getting into the list from online forms and web pages?

Worry no more as Clearout has enhanced the gibberish detection support in its JavaScript Widget.

What has to be done?

Once the code snippet is generated, you can configure the Gibberish email alert settings by adding the given field

block_gibberish_account: true

This update will help in the identification and removal of gibberish email addresses captured on your web pages/contact forms. Filter them out of your lists and avoid wasting valuable resources on them.

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Clearout's Gibberish Email Address Alert!

Do you have problems with users signing up with a variety of random email addresses in order to abuse the system? Such random email addresses are known as gibberish email addresses.

These addresses may be valid, but they are not safe-to-send, and can have a significant impact on the email list quality and campaign results! ks1155058@gmail.com, ____yesh___@adobe.com, and so on.

Clearout has advanced to the elite level of accuracy by incorporating an additional validation check that identifies these gibberish email addresses. Filter them out to create an army of raving, engaged superfans from your list.

(Ssshhh: At Clearout, we used to get sign-ups from random email addresses with the intention of only using our free credits. That's when we decided to add this feature to improve data quality even more.)

*Currently available for bulk and instant API verification only.

Want to learn more? Email us at us@clearout.io or use our Live Chat to get in touch.

Stronger Passwords For Safer Accounts

With the increased adoption of new technology, the risks of cyber threats have multiplied.

One of the most common ways that hackers break into online accounts is by guessing passwords. Simple and commonly used passwords enable intruders to easily gain access and take control over your accounts.

To avoid the same we have introduced stronger passwords as an additional security measure. We request all the Clearouters to update their current password to a stronger and unique one and avoid any unwanted intrusions.

You can update it either using forgot password or change password.

A More Refined Team-Building

The 'Admin' panel is now available as a separate tab in your Clearout account for better management of teams and members. The owner can assign the role of 'manager' or 'executive' to the team members, monitor their actions and edit them from a polished dashboard.

Try the improved Admin panel.

Clearout JS Widget now verifies Custom forms too!!

Clearout JavaScript Widget has been improvised to perform email validation on custom forms thereby validating the emails at the point of capture, helps in highly qualified leads.

We have also added support to include Google reCAPTCHA (v3) that helps in stopping the abusers from the signup forms for multiple accounts.

Try the newly improved JS Widget here.

Knock Knock! Your verified results are readyđź‘Ś

Constantly staring at your system to see that the result file generation is completed? You don’t have to as the system now automatically determines if the result file will take longer time and notifies you through email when the result is ready to download.

Way to be more productive 😊