Introducing Clearout +Jotform Integration For Data Accuracy!

Unverified data can be hazardous ⚠️

But, with the Clearout+Jotform integration live now, you no longer need to worry about bad data entering your system. Here’s what the integration does for you: 

🚫 Eliminates bad leads from getting into your database
💰Cuts down the cost of storing & approaching bad leads 
Improves your sales & marketing campaign performance & ROI

Learn more about the integration here>>

Did you verify your Apollo List with Clearout?

Clearout has come up with a first-to-market integration with Apollo.

Now, you can verify your Apollo leads and filter out the unwanted email addresses before shooting out your email campaigns.

✔️Guarantees better campaign performance

✔️Safeguards your sender reputation

✔️Minimizes Bounces

Click Here to know how to integrate and start validating.

Foolproof Your WooCommerce Checkout >>

👉 A good email address is worth a thousand bucks. So you don't want your WooCommerce checkout visitors messing with that, do you?

Automate your checkout pages to accept only valid email addresses with the Clearout plugin: 
✔ Capture only buyers' relevant email addresses with no invalid or typo errors
✔ Keep abusers and spammers entering the CRM
✔ Boost your email campaign's deliverability with zero or less bounce 
✔ Only unobtrusive real-time email validation for buyers' smooth experience 

Learn more about the integration >>

Hubspot users, this is for you..

We just changed Clearout integration to use Hubspot's most recent scopes, since this is Hubspot's recommended strategy, and to be part of long-term support, Clearout users must re-link their HubSpot accounts, so please log out of HubSpot and re-add your HubSpot accounts to your Clearout account.

Note: Failing to do so will impact the list operations

Clearout WP Plugin + WP Fluent Forms

Clearout WordPress plugin brings support for Fluent Forms. This helps to create hassle-free contact forms, subscription forms, or any kind of WP forms for the websites, in minutes.

Try Clearout Email Validator WordPress Plugin here.

Clearout + Integromat

Want your repetitive tasks automated? Take an advantage involving Clearout with Integromat that helps to make work easy.

Automate email verification on Clearout using Integromat clicking here.

Clearout +

Run your email lists (your full list, or specific segments and/or tags) through the Clearout verification and validation system, to get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable emails and catch-all emails, directly from Platformly. Clean your list now!